Create an Invoice in QuickBooks Desktop for Beginners

If you are a complete beginner in QuickBooks and want to know how to enter an invoice in QuickBooks Desktop follow this article.

Now, these are a couple of different ways to record sales in QuickBooks and Invoices are just one of those ways. You could do a sales receipt, you could have a retail shop with a daily sales summary you can enter that way, So I other words Invoices is the one way, Generally, invoice are sent when you provide any kind of service or product and you can let your customers pay later. Please follow these steps to create Invoices:

  • Open QuickBooks and From how to screen click on Invoice and choose what kind of Invoice you want to create as it is shown in the Image
  • You get two options the first One is Invoice for Time & Expenses that means if your company billed time & expenses then you are going to use the first option. So if you track time and Expenses in QuickBooks that when this first option applies. Or you can proceed with the second option.
  • The next screen chooses Customer if there are time and expenses it will automatically pop up, In the next tab choose Class if you do class tracking in QuickBooks.
  • Once you are done with all these options come down to the middle of the screen and choose Items, Items you set up in QuickBooks for service, Inventory or non-inventory, etc. that you are going to invoice to your customer.
  • After that mansion, the Quantity and rate for that Product and service, Couple of information on invoice window have auto-filled for the customer
  • In the Bottom right-hand side corner you have a small taxes box which depends upon the state you live in. Generally, sale tax doesn’t apply to services.
  • So make sure when you set up the item in QuickBooks you specify that they have sales tax or not
  • Once you are done with this you save & close
  • At the Top Toolbar, you have a couple of options whether you want to Print this Invoice or you can email it Instantly. You have a number of options that what you want to do.

That’s all basic to create an Invoice now you can send that invoice to your customer and get paid for the Product and services you offer.

Now you can end that invoice Via email for Print it as per your need and you are good to go.


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