Why JavaScript is So Valuable for App Development? When it is Not the Primary Language for App Development?

JavaScript continues to be one of the most useful languages for app development since it first appeared in 1995. After Java, JavaScript is still one of the top-most programming languages and most of the web development companies continue to use it today too.

Understanding JavaScript – What is It? Where did It Come from?

JavaScript is everywhere, whether you are networking on LinkedIn or watching a video on YouTube. Launched as front-end interpreted language, the programming language is used by around 10 million developers in the current age. It is now utilized for adding user interactive features to websites such as browser handling, forms, document handling and others.

Netscape, which was best known for its browser namely ‘Navigator’, developed JavaScript, which was to serve as a companion language to Java. Back in those days web development was entirely static, and received dynamism or ‘life’ thanks to JavaScript.

But…did it become a whole web app instantly?

While it was launched as a complete web application (for both client and server), it took lots of time to make that happen. However, it managed to become the standard programming language for front-end development.

Currently, it remains the only universally accepted interpreted for all web applications and browsers. Over the years, it has received many interesting upgrades, which make have made it suitable for backend programming too. As such, it has received a boost in its popularity because not only can it be used for client-side but as a server-side programming language too.

Even after Navigator died out, web browsers that came after it such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, all adopted it.

How can you identify the workings of JavaScript practically?

  • Autocomplete while filling forms
  • Loading new content or data on a page without reloading it
  • Dropdown menus and rollover effects
  • Animating effects (relocating, resizing, fading etc.)
  • Playing audio and video

You will find many more usages of JavaScript in a practical sense. The above-listed ones are the most common and easy to identify.

Popular Usage of JavaScript in Modern Times

JavaScript is one of the most popular software programming languages and widely used by software development companies, owing to its widespread usage such as in:

1.    Presentations

Due to its wide choice of libraries, you can easily develop web-based slides and interactive decks. Its most popular and common libraries are BespokeJS and Reveal.

2.    Web Development

Since it is a client scripting language, it proves helpful in front-end development such in the creation of dynamic web pages with special effects. It comes with support for external applications such as widgets and PDF documents etc.

3.    Web Servers

Developers can create web servers using Node.JS as it gives an advantage that, it leverages the events of the previous call to get a notification and does not wait for its responses. This makes the servers created on Node.JS much faster as they do not transfer the chunks of data every time a call is made.

4.    Mobile Application

When it comes to mobile applications, iOS and Android are the most popular operating systems. Since they are two separate operating systems, they require two different languages for development too.

However, JavaScript’s ‘PhoneGap’ framework has made it possible to write the same code for developing on both of the platforms.

Why does JavaScript Remain Valuable for Mobile Apps?

As stated previously, JavaScript works as a client-side programming language, thus allowing developers to implement client-side scripts and create dynamic pages that are highly interactive too. Simultaneously, its framework is helpful in developing hybrid applications for not only iOS and Android, but Windows too. You can consider it as a Product Description That Sells both online as well as in practical life, benefiting you from both sources.

Some of the main reasons that JavaScript is valuable for mobile apps are:

·  It decreases complications in web app development

Developers can create DOM shadow boundaries by accessing JavaScript libraries. These minimize complications in-app composition and simplify the development process.

·        It is easier to write server-side code in JavaScript

By using cross-platform engines like Node.JS, developers can further implement JavaScript code in a much better way and make apps run seamlessly without requiring external web servers.

·         Its MEAN Stack has 4 components

MEAN Stack is a powerful 4-in-1 package that simplifies the development process. It consists of MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular.JS and Node.JS. MongoDB is a schemaless NoSQL database while Express.JS, Angular.JS and Node.JS are JavaScript frameworks.

·         It can integrate well with many transpilers

JavaScript is a lightweight programming language that integrates with other transpilers like TypeScript, DukeScript, CoffeeScript and Vaadin. These transpilers offer more features and meet the needs for creating enterprise applications too.

·         It develops responsive web pages

By leveraging JavaScript libraries and frameworks, you can create dynamic as well as optimized web pages that are accessible across multiple platforms and browsers, including mobile.

·         It offers access to a wide library and frameworks

JavaScript’s wide choice of libraries and frameworks extend its functionality and save you the hassle of writing new or additional codes again and again.


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