5 Effective B2B E-Commerce Business Strategies That Boost Your Sales

B2B is not just a business model that makes transactions between one business to another, but it is more of a solution provider. Either in the form of a product or a service, it provides resources for other businesses as a solution to grow and run their daily operations.

The Essence of B2B

It is safe to say that every startup and SME’s have availed the perks of B2B. Even a huge corporation needs B2B services at a certain point in time.

They play a vital role as the businesses are usually in search of such services. Since businesses look for permanent solutions, they tend to look for a long-term partnership through B2B services as well.

For example, if a client hires a UK Dissertation Writers through an agency and receives excellent content for their website, the client is likely to give all the related projects to that agency in the future.

Compelling Fact

It is itself the most effective strategy to have your B2B model online. According to Millward Brown Digital, 89% of the B2B buyers use the internet for purchasing. Apart from that, according to Forbes, half of all B2B purchasing shall be online by 2021.

But the question remains, how can effective strategies be applied online for a B2B business model to boost the sales further?

1. Choose Relevant Social Media Platform

Having an appearance on a relevant social media platform is crucial to boost your sales. One must look where the clients are the most.

For example, a short visual ad for businesses will mostly have a dominant appearance on Instagram. This is because Instagram is where people are more entertained by visuals rather than text.

It might not be relevant for a text-only content writing service provider to sell their services on Instagram.

2. B2B SEO Strategy

SEO is the ultimate necessity for capturing a relevant audience and boosting your sales. But the B2B SEO is different compared to B2C. B2B selects keywords, not according to the massive consumers, but according to what specific decision-makers of a company searches.

This can be taking out the keywords of what the majority of CEO’s search online for their business. A report by Search Engine Land finds that more than 50% of B2B consider SEO usage as their primary source of generating leads and boosting sales.

3. Make Transaction Process Quick

There are incidents where B2B has lost international clients due to PayPal being unaccessible on the buyer’s country location. This stops the payment process and potentially loses clients.

To avoid such limitations, the B2B service providers need to keep an alternative. Other than PayPal, they can use the option of Stripe or Payoneer to avoid losing clients.

4. Marketing Automation

Through Marketing Automation, B2B can automate their repetitive manual marketing activities such as:

  • Sending E-Mail to clients
  • Social media posting
  • Client follow-ups
  • Messaging targeted clients

Furthermore, this strategy helps in personalization. If a client asks for queries, it is wise to have a ready-made presentation available of your product and services for the client. The service provider can just add the name of that specific client on the presentation to give a personalized look. This makes the potential client feel valued.

This strategy is likely to convert your client into a buyer and helps to increase positive word of mouth to further boost your sales.

5. Short-List Potential Clients & Keep Follow-Up

Taking the example of short video ads for businesses. Go on Instagram and surf the relevant hashtags to find businesses who you feel (by judging their Instagram post and visiting their website), require the product or services you are selling.

Send them an automated DM presenting your services and explaining why your services are necessary and convert the potential client into your buyer. From approaching a hundred clients on Instagram, a couple of few might convert.


B2B surrounds itself with tons of potential in the world of e-commerce. With effective strategies, it is bound to produce wonders. The best thing about B2B is that one satisfied client through practicing an effective B2B strategy can likely be retained for a lifetime.


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