Top 5 Reason Why You Need A Phone Screen Protector 2020

Top 5 Reason Why You Need A Phone Screen Protector 2020

Screen digitizer is one of the most essential components of a smartphone. It allows you to view desired content in beautiful colors and an optimum refresh rate. Smartphone screens are built with a durable mixture of glass and transparent plastic that protects it from damages. Smartphone manufacturers are designing innovative displays to enhance the view of their users. They are using IPS, AMOLED, and Retina display with up to 180 Hz refresh rate panel. These displays are empowered by gorilla glass protection that protect them from damages, cracks, smudges, etc. Does every smartphone user have a question in his mind that does a Smartphone need a phone screen protector? I will answer this question in this blog. To support that answer I searched out 5 reasons why you need a phone screen protector. Keep reading the blog post until the end to explore the importance of a screen protector for a smartphone.

  1. Protection from damages

Protection from damages is the main purpose of a phone screen protector. It protects your primary screen digitizer from damages during a drop, accident, and other practices. A screen protector act as a wall between the hard surface and display of a smartphone. It bears all the pressure and protects the primary display. In case you dropped your phone by mistake, you will get your screen protector damaged, not the screen itself. All you need to do is to remove the damaged protector from the screen and get it as it was. Smartphones may feature gorilla glass protection, but you should apply a screen protector for utmost safety.

  • Resist harmful bacteria

Nowadays, smartphones have become a crucial source of entertainment and connectivity. We access our smartphone’s functions anywhere we want. No matter we are eating something, playing, dusting, etc., we keep on using smartphones. Have you ever thought about how germs and bacteria stick on a smartphone screen when we use it with unwashed hands? There is a glut of harmful germs and bacteria on the screen of smartphones that can even make you ill if you have low immunity. Here screen protector comes into play. Manufacturers design innovative screen protectors that resist the germ to stick on a smartphone screen. Especially in COVID-19, it prevents you and your smartphone from getting infected with the coronavirus. These kinds of screen protectors are necessary to be implemented on a smartphone to protect it from damages as well as harmful bacteria.

  • Scratch Proof

As discussed earlier, we use smartphones for multiple purposes along with calling. When we play a game or do a task in which we continuously slide the screen, it can lead to scratches. Scratches look weird on a smartphone screen and also reduces its touch response rate. Here screen protectors come into play. These are designed in such a way that they can handle continuous slides without developing scratches on the screen. A user must keep his smartphone’s primary screen clean and scratch-free. Smartphone brands may claim gorilla glass protection on their smartphones, but I suggest you should buy a screen protector for utmost protection. 

  • Smudge-free display

Smudges are the most frustrating problem faced by smartphone users. We all are addicted to smartphones and use them all the time. Sometimes we touch the display with oily hands while eating or doing similar tasks. That led to weird smudges on it and reduce the visibility of content. These smudges are very stubborn that does not let them remove from the screen after making all the efforts. A screen protector is the best solution to unnecessary smudges. It is easy to clean and prevent the display from smudges. In case your screen developed smudges, you can easily clean it in one go. I suggest you should buy a premium quality screen protector to ensure a smudge-free display for your smartphone.

  • Protect eyes from blue-ray

As the technology is upgrading day by day, manufacturers are producing screen protectors that also protects your eyes along with protecting the display. They are designed to protect your eyes from harmful blue rays of light. Blue light is emitted by a smartphone screen that damages the pupil and reduces the eyesight of an individual. Do not confuse with what blue light is. It is a part of RGB (Red Green Blue) emitted by a smartphone screen to view content. Red and Greenlight do not harm eyesight, but blue one does. Considering this, manufacturers put an anti-blue ray layer in the screen protector. It reduces the reach of blue light to our eyes without compromising with colors. An anti-blue ray screen protector is considered ideal for gamers or individuals who use smartphones for a long duration. If you are one of them, I suggest you must purchase an anti-blue ray screen protector for your device.


A screen protector plays a crucial role in the protection of a smartphone. It protects a smartphone’s display from damages, scratches, smudges, etc. Along with protecting the display, screen protectors also resist harmful germs to stick on its screen. It reduces blue light emission and protects the visibility of its users. However, you must purchase a screen protector of premium quality. Always analyze some important factors while choosing a screen protector for you. First, make sure the screen protector has sufficient glue to stick on the device. It should feature scratch resistance, smudge resistance, and a bubble-free display. Screen protectors are essential for a smartphone’s protection. So, I suggest you purchase a durable screen protector for your smartphone.


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